Time Elapse Bug in 1.40.0




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    Evviva!!! 👍🏻

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    April Lopez

    Thank you!!!!!! 🙌🏼

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    Suffering the same. Anxiously waiting the fix!

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    Ruth ozorio

    ok thank you!!!!!

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    Shavonda Gooden

    Glad I went through the Apple app store to check on support for this app because I was about to delete it lol hopefully the fix makes this game work again

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    Lubna Ayyubi

    I didn't receive the 60 smurfberry welcome gift. Can anyone help 😐

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    Céline lubert

    I havé The save problem The Time is elapse... please fix It

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    Chara Kontou

    After updating the time fix update, the game is "on hold" and I do not have any access on the game. Also, the app has a fade color and not the usual color.!!Please guide me..!!

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    Help I lost my level 43 village when I deleted and reinstalled
    My crops were stuck growing at 15 hours
    So I thought deleting it would help
    But when I tapped onto papa smurf it told me I can't retrieve or have problems with the retrieval of that one and only said date and that is way back in August of 2016 three months ago
    Help help help

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    Nicole Martindale

    Hi. I don't know if this is related to the time lapse bug but I'm having trouble with the timing in my village. Crops that take 24 hours to grow or mini games that take 24 hours to reload end up taking longer. For example, if I plant potatoes at 8:30 am, they are not finished growing as expected when I return the next morning at the same time. Time has always been added.

    I have the newest update of the app and I'm using an iPhone.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Francis B

    Hey Nicole,

    Thanks for the post, if possible please can you open a support ticket with your device information and Support ID, this is located in the Main Menu > Options > Legal/Support. New ticket - https://smurfs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


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